I see you.

A seductive mistress, disguised as beauty and redemption. A thief shrouded in lace, extending her strong and graceful arms to steal, leaving a half-life on the floor.

Don’t make us beg for freedom or proclaim our gratitude. You chained us to your cold, dark cell. Imprisoned. Your false promises inflicted their wounds. So we sit, waiting for the blood to dry.

Do I not pray to the right God; the one who said He would never forsake me? Heavenly Father. FATHER. mother.

Where are you?

We could breathe before you revealed your hideous face. We floated across the ravine, careful not to fall. Your image directly in front of us, unseen through the dense fog. We sensed your presence, an apparition, close enough to feel your breath on our face.

My blindfold now a shredded rag, clenched in my fist of fury.

I see you.


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