Why Newborn Adoption isn’t Biblical

velvet bocephus

Adoption has been a millstone placed around mine and my daughter’s necks for 17 years.

For years, I have heard “Christians” speak of the “blessings” of adoption. I have been confused as to what was wrong with me? Why could I not accept this endless pain as a blessing? Why could I not “get over” the loss of my firstborn?

I have realized that it’s because there is absolutely NOTHING Christian about adoption.

There is no biblical basis for newborn adoption.

We are told in regards to ORPHANS:

1)      To visit them (James 1:27)

2)      Not to mistreat them (Exodus 22:22)

3)      To bring them justice (Psalm 10:180, Psalm 82:3)

4)      Donate for their care (Deut 14:28-29)

Perhaps, an argument can be made that in circumstances of true orphans, adoption is the best way to visit them, bring them justice, and treat them well.

In regards to children who have…

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